The Weekend Schedule




Where in the world will Chip & Kay be this weekend ??  Well they’ll be down visiting the Tennessee Quarter Horse Association in Harriman for the Country Music Circuit Classic. Stop by and get your raffle tickets on the Pink Eclipse Aluminum Trailer, the Bad Boy ZT60 Mower and the Osborne Tack Pink Working Saddle.

Eastern Kentucky Horse Park

Eastern Kentucky 1






Stop by our booth at the Mid-East Kentucky Quarter Horse Show and
visit with Granny & Grumpy. They have Bling hats, raffle tickets, and
Frisbees for the Frisbee toss!! Raffle tickets on the Eclipse Horse trailer,
Bad Boy mower, and the Osborne tack training saddle.


Great Supporters

Denny&Sue Mulford







Here we are at the Mid Eastern Quarter Horse Show at the

Kentucky Horse Park in Lexington, Kentucky.  This picture

is of Denny & Sue Mulford and their 2 dogs.  Sue is a two

time cancer survivor!!  And they are great supporters of our

TETWP Horse Show!!








On The Road Again

2 Roberts 6 1 14







Stop by and visit with Granny & Grumpy at the Mid-East Kentucky Quarter Horse Show.

They will be there from Thursday June 19 through Sunday June 22. So stop by for your

chance to win a free pair of Durango Boots. They will have raffle tickets for the Osborne Tack

working saddle, Eclipse Aluminum Trailer and the Bad Boy ZT60 mower !!!!!

Hope to see you there !

Durango Boot Winners

Cody Knapp DelawareLogan Moody Greenville






Our first winner on Saturday at the Delaware County PAS Show

was Cody Knapp from Sunbury, OH. On Sunday at the Darke

County PAS Show in Greenville it was Logan Moody from Ansonia.

Congratulations to all of the winners !! You still have time to get your

chance to win a free pair of boots.

This Weekend

FP4_2950 FP4_3458



Don’t forget to stop by and talk to Chip for a

chance on a pair of Durango Boots.

He’ll have raffle tickets on the Eclipse Trailer,

Bad Boy Mower and the working saddle from Osborne Tack. You can find him Saturday in Delaware

at the PAS Qualifying Show and on Sunday in Greenville at the PAS Qualifying Show !!


Boot Winners from Lancaster & Zanesville

Chris Kerns StoutsvilleChris Goings New ConcordOur winners from last weekends show ! On the left is

Chris Kerns from Stoutsville, OH who won at the Lancaster

Pas Qualifying. And Chris Goings from New Concord, OH

at the Zanesville Hoof Beats 4-H Open Horse Show. Congrats

to both ! Make sure to catch us this weekend at the Delaware-

PAS Qualifying Show and on Sunday at the Greenville – PAS Qualifying Show. Grumpy (Chip) will have plenty of Frisbees and raffle tickets for everyone !!

Weekend Update

2 Roberts 6 1 14Schedule update for this weekend and where you can find Chip ! This

Saturday June 7 he will be in Lancaster for the PAS Qualifying Show and

on Sunday June 8 he will be in Zanesville for the Hoof Beats Open Horse Show/

All Ohio Show Horse Organization. Stop by and see Chip and get a show bill and

a Durango Frisbee for a chance to win a free pair of boots of your choice !!!!!

He’ll also have raffle tickets for the Eclipse Pink Trailer, the Bad Boy Mower and the working saddle from Osborne Tack.


These ladies, who were willing to share their pictures and stories, are just a few of the ones

we’ve had the privilege to talk with. They are the ones who give us the drive and determination

to raise money for the Stefanie Spielman Patient Assistance Fund. Help us to continue the fight

so we can add more pictures !!

(L to R) Peggy Curtis, Paula Gatewood, Kay Haines and Cindy Boling



Peggy Curtis Paula Gatewood-Judge Kay Haines Cindy Boling