A little bird told me………..


2014 Trainers Challenge

Trainers Pink Challenge

Never too soon to start getting ready for the Trainers Pink Challenge.  The exhibitors dress in Pink & we auction each rider off to the highest bidder with the proceeds going to a predetermined horse person that is battling cancer.

Now, word on the street is that Ty Hornick is all upset he hasn’t won the last 2 years and he is coming to WIN!!  He says everybody better get ready!!

What is going on at Prime Quarter Horses??  Are they getting Tom Carter ready for this??  Heard that from a little birdie.

Someone asked Grump the other day, “Why he is working out??”  Could he be coming back??

Don’t forget Melvin Yoder—Always hard to beat!!

You can bet, Libby Trucco will have Chuck Fletcher ready!!

Somebody needs to work on Tim Snapp.  We need the paints represented!!

Come join in, have some fun & help us raise some money for one of our own who is presently battling cancer!!

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